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Underground Garage

Soil Engineering Construction, Inc. provides safe, cost-effective, professionally engineered and construction solutions for residential and commercial property. Since 1970, we’ve created and applied innovative techniques to distinguish us as the only company offering fully integrated soil engineering construction services for our clients. Our experience in constructing building underpinning, shoring, and earth retaining structures is devoted exclusively to enhancing property through underground garage additions on a full turnkey basis. We manage and execute planning, design, engineering, and construction phases, and we obtain all permits.

An investment in property is an investment in quality of life. No one wants to come home only to drive endlessly around the neighborhood, park in inconvenient or unsafe areas, or allocate dollar amounts per month for parking tickets, In San Francisco, there are more cars than legal parking spaces, and the problem is getting worse. Adding underground garage space to commercial or residential homes is an investment that holds its value and increases interest in the property when selling or renting. S.E.C. employs a staff of acknowledged experts to bring projects in on time and on budget. We reduce the headaches and the costs of additions because of our unique turnkey approach for design, engineering, and construction.

Experts estimate that a garage addition can significantly increase a property’s value. Using a company inexperienced in complex underground installations can destroy that value. S.E.C. is backed by a highly experienced construction crews and a professional staff of civil and geotechnical engineers. We are bondable, insured, and completely reliable. Because of the high level of experience, we optimize your cost savings by avoiding expensive mistakes. Our engineers have invented patented state-of-the-art construction techniques now widely used in the industry. Whatever challenges your property offers, our team of professionals can meet them, creatively, safely, and economically. We work with you to add value to your property and your quality of life.