Soil Engineering construction

Rockfall Netting

Soil Engineering Construction, Inc. (S.E.C.) has successfully designed and constructed numerous projects requiring the application of rock netting slope protection. The rock netting stabilization system is designed to stabilize steep weathered slopes, in place of concrete and shotcrete construction. The rock netting consists of heavy gauge wire mesh with a reinforced wire perimeter rope connecting the edges of the netting panels. The rock mesh adapts to the topography and can be designed to prevent shallow slides, deformations, and rock dislodging, thereby protecting life and property below.

Rock mesh netting is anchored to the slope with rock anchors. The rock anchors are steel rods set into grouted, small diameter holes drilled to specific depths into the rock. The depth and capacity of the anchors are dependent on the rock type and the system design. S.E.C. provides both the system design and implementation. Recent developments have made available the use of vegetative products to create a more natural visual appearance to the stabilized slope.

Rock Fall Netting - Design and Installation Services

  • Professional Design and Installation
  • Rock Percussion Drilling
  • High Energy Absorption Panels
  • Rock Anchor & Soil Nail Drilling
  • Certified Rock Climbing Specialists
  • Tecco Mesh™ Installation
  • Galvanized Rock Netting