Soil Engineering construction

Retaining Walls

Soil Engineering Construction, Inc. (S.E.C.) specializes in the design, engineering, and construction of all types of retaining walls. We have constructed smaller sized residential rear yard retaining walls, as well as, structurally engineered tied-back shotcrete walls for Cities, Counties, and Municipalities. S.E.C. has developed specialized construction techniques that allow us to excel in difficult access construction projects. Our construction crews regularly think outside the box to produce results that save the client both time and money.

Retaining Wall - Design and Repair Services

  • Professional Engineering Solutions
  • In-house Design and Construction
  • Local Goverment Permitting
  • Ability to Repair Existing Walls in Place
  • Grade Beam Design and Installation
  • Foundation Underpinning
  • Drilled Piers and Rock Anchors
  • Artisan Sculpted Shotcrete Finishes