Soil Engineering construction

Landslide Repair | Slope Stabilization

S.E.C. began repairing landslides as a company in 1970.  The founding principals had several previous years of working together in this field.  The company introduced the concept and use of “Soldier Beam Retaining Structures” to retain landslide situations.  The idea caught on and is of course very common today.  Today other geotechnical companies typically do the studies and reports and S.E.C. does the actual field implementation of the repair working in conjunction with the project engineers and geologists.  Projects are either bid or negotiated.  We appreciate the opportunity of discussions with project consultants prior to beginning the project and contribute information concerning economic and technical aspects if appropriate.

Typical repairs done by S.E.C. involve grading, drainage, retaining walls, tiebacks, buttress fills and specialty applications that solve specific problems.  An example of specialty application would be counterfort trenches spaced on given centers of unstable slopes that are backfilled with permeable rock that is lightly cemented to create high strength.  This results in drained stabilizing ribs.  Other slope trenches are done to begin at the toe of the slope and reach upward into the slope.  Many other approaches are employed to deal with uniquely differing background conditions.

We most often prepare the working drawings and the structural calculations in house by in house engineers and geologists that are based on the parameters given in soil reports by others.  The permitting process is also generally handled by S.E.C.

Landslide Repair/Slope Stabilization Services

  • In-house engineered design drawings and structural calculations
  • Removal of slide materials / debris 
  • Installation of underpinning caissons / tiebacks / grade beams
  • Injection of cement grout under impacted structures
  • Slot cut grading / preparation of building pads
  • Extensive erosion control / shoring measures