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Tieback Installation - 40 Years of Innovation

Soil Engineering Construction, Inc. has engineered, drilled & installed thousands of tiebacks throughout California over the past 40 years. We have developed specialized drilling techniques that allow for tieback installations in difficult site access situations. S.E.C. has engineered tieback construction applications for residential, commercial, industrial, City/County Municipal governments, state agencies, and public utilities. 

A tieback is essentially a horizontal wire strand or rod anchor used to reinforce retaining walls for lateral stability. With one end of the tieback secured to the wall, the other end is anchored to stable earth materials.  Tiebacks are typically installed into drilled small diameter holes, less than 12 inches, extending a sufficient distance so that the anchor zone is within earthen materials with sufficient pull out resistance.  After the hole is drilled, the tieback tendon is installed and cement grout is then pumped under pressure into the tieback anchor holes so that the rods can utilize soil resistance to prevent tieback pullout and wall destabilization.  The tied-back structure resists forces that would otherwise cause the wall to lean.