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The Summit Condominiums in San Francisco, CA Back to Projects

    Project: Retaining wall

    Client: Summit Condominiums

    Project Description:

    At the top of San Francisco’s Russian Hill we replaced a failing 35’-tall retaining wall with a new shotcrete and rock-bolt wall. The new wall was colored and sculpted to harmonize with the nearby rock slopes.

    A job-specific man-basket was fabricated to allow the drilling and installation of rock anchors 30 feet above the roadway. The work was within the city right-of-way and in front of the entrance to a large parking garage, requiring close coordination with The City of San Francisco and the residents of the Summit Condominiums.

    • Rock Percussion Drilling
    • Rock Anchors
    • Sculpted Shotcrete
    • Demolition of old wall
    • Stainless steel guard rail at top of wall

    Design Engineer:

    Weir/Andrewson Associates

    Geotechnical Engineer:

    Treadwell and Rollo


    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    Randy Libby - Superintendent