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    Project: Retaining Wall Repair  

    Client: Homeowner

    Project Description:

    SEC was contacted by a homeowner, upon referral from previous satisfied client, to assess a failing 50+ year old, 10 foot high retaining wall.  SEC consulted with a geotechnical engineer (GeoSoils, Inc.) to prepare a soil investigation and provide the necessary soil design parameters for the project.  The resulting design schematic focused on repairing the existing L-shaped retaining wall retaining wall, in place.  SEC engineers designed a system of five drilled piers reaching depths of up to 16 feet below the failing wall, tied to reinforced pilasters along the wall face.

    Due to the limited access issues, our crews used one of our custom track excavator drilling rigs for the drilled piers.  The existing wall foundation was underpinned on the installed piers.  Reinforcing steel was installed over the existing retaining wall and then shotcrete was applied. In order to repair surface drainage, SEC removed and replaced the surrounding concrete slab-on-grade.  The concrete wall finishes chosen by the owner were finished to their satisfaction.  SEC was charged with processing all the necessary permits at the City of San Diego.

    • Foundation Underpinning
    • Drilled Piers 
    • Retaining Wall Repair
    • Shotcrete
    • Slab-on-Grade

    Design Engineer:
    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    Robert D. Mahony. G.E.
    John W. Niven, P.E.

    Geotechnical Engineer:
    GeoSoils, Inc.

    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    Arel Desfosses, Superintendent