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    Project: Slope Failure Reconstruction                   

    Client: Home Owner

    Project Description:

    Responding to a request for professional services from the County of San Diego, SEC and its real estate purchasing division was contacted to provide a solution to a property in foreclosure with a significant slope failure on a south facing descending hillside.  SEC negotiated the sale of the house to our real estate division and then prepared a design/build repair solution for an approximately 53 foot high, 1 ½:1 slope that failed due to heavy rains.  SEC designed, engineered, permitted and repaired the slope utilizing geogrid reinforcement with compacted imported backfill.  In order to increase the overall stability of the site, crews installed a tieback and grade beam system at the scarp/back cut.  Slide debris was removed and the slope was re-grading by benching and placing fill material to closely match pre-failure contours.  Subdrains were installed at the bottom of the benches, as well as, in an approximately 10 foot wide keyway installed at the toe of the slope. In addition, new concrete v-ditches were installed to facilitate surface drainage.  The finished slope surface was hydroseeded with native plant species.  All work was inspected and approved by the County of San Diego.

    • Slope Failure Repair
    • Tiebacks and Grade Beams
    • Geogrid Reinforced Compacted Fill 
    • Surface Drainage and Installation of Sub-Drains
    • Hydroseed Planting

    Design Engineer:
    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    Robert D. Mahony. G.E.
    John W. Niven, P.E.

    Geotechnical Engineer:
    GeoSoils, Inc.

    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    Arel Desfosses, Superintendent