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    Project: Foundation Underpinning and Slope Stabilization  

    Client: San Clemente Inn

    Project Description:

    Per the request of the San Clemente Inn, SEC was contracted to prepare an underpinning and slope stabilization repair for two buildings at the resort.  Over the life of the structures, foundation settlement combined with lateral slope movement caused damage to two separate buildings.  The structures consist of two and three story multi-unit vacation time-share units.  The slope adjacent to the buildings borders a California State Park.  Permitting activities dominated initial stages of the project requiring permitting with the City of San Clemente, California State Parks and the California Coastal Commission. 

    Once the necessary permits were obtained, SEC crews began the process of underpinning the two buildings.  Over 7,800 square feet of slab on grade floor was removed, coupled with the installation of over 200 underpinning pipe piles.  The 2-inch Sch. 80 pipe piles were driven to over 30 feet with pneumatic jackhammers.  Foundations were re-supported on the new pile caps and portions of the buildings were re-leveled.  Once the re-leveling process was completed, SEC installed a structural slab-on-grade supported on pipe piles.  In order to deal with lateral slope movement, our crews installed over 50-drilled piers to average depths of 30 feet. The piers were connected with a 2-foot structural grade beam totaling over 200 lineal feet.  The drilling required the use of our limited access bucket rig since our crew only had an access road of 4 feet and less.  An existing retaining wall, located between the two buildings, was stabilized with the installation of tieback anchors. To correct onsite drainage, new surface and subsurface drainage systems were connected to rip rap dissipaters downslope of the project.  SEC prepared all of the engineered construction plans and calculations in connection with the work and participated in procurement of all necessary permits.

    • Foundation Underpinning
    • Pipe Piles
    • Drilled Piers/Caissons
    • Grade Beams
    • Slab-on-Grade
    • Drainage Repairs/Installation
    • Tiebacks
    • Foundation Re-Leveling
    • Project Management

    Design Engineer:
    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc
    Robert D. Mahony. G.E.
    John W. Niven, P.E.

    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    Superintendent: Jose Guerrero