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    Project: Slope Stabilization - Capitola,CA

    Client: Crest Residential Development

    Project Description:

    The Crest residential development sits at the crest of the coastal bluff located immediately down coast of downtown Capitola.  The Owners plan to do a condominium conversion demanded various site improvements to mitigate the detrimental effects of coastal processes.  Soil Engineering Construction, Inc., in concert with the Owners geotechnical consultant, developed a plan to design, permit and construct.

    • An underpinning system incorporating deeply drilled, reinforced concrete underpinning piers.
    • A slope stabilization system incorporating tieback restrained shear pins with a connecting grade beam.
    • A sea cave fill program incorporating protective anchors to allow the work to proceed safely, a cut off wall to prevent unmining and the placement of a structural fill.
    • Deeply drilled underpining piers
    • Tieback restrained shear pins
    • Grade Beam
    • Seacave infill with protective anchors
    • Placement of structural fill

    Design Engineer:
    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc
    George Drew, RCE

    Geotechnical Engineer:
    Haro, Kasunich & Associates
    Rick Parks, GE

    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    Tom Pipitone - Superintendent