Soil Engineering construction

4610 Opal Cliff - Capitola, Ca Back to Projects

    Project: Provide long term stability to an existing seawall

    Client: Capitola Homeowner

    Project Description:

    Years of wave related erosion of the Perisama shelf supporting this 30-year old gravity retaining wall were beginning to undermine it. Soil Engineering Construction, Inc., working with the owner and their coastal consultant (Rick Parks) designed, permitted and implemented the installation of a cutoff trench designed to protect the seawall from undermining.

    Project stats:

    Excavate and place approximately 200 lineal feet of 24" wide, 6' deep cut off trench along the base of an existing seawall to protect three properties.

    • Maintain Undercut Seawall with Deep Basel Keyway
    • Access Tidal Area at Base of Cliff with Heavy Equipment
    • Remove all Excavated Soil Between Tidal Periods

    Design Engineer:
    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    George Drew, R.C.E.

    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    Tom Pipitone, Superintendent

    Geotechnical Consultant
    Haro, Kasunich & Associates
    Rick Parks, G.E.