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    Project: Dam and spillway repair

    Client: Georgia Pacific Corporation

    Project Description:

    A failing dam for an abandoned log pond required emergency repair to prevent the accumulation of toxic mud behind the dam from dumping into the Pacific Ocean. Soil Engineering grouted voids in the existing timber dam, repaired the spillway with a new shotcrete facing anchored into the adjacent rock, and protected the base of the dam from wave erosion with grout-filled revetment mattress.

    The fragile nature of the dam prevented access to the site with the traditional cranes and heavy equipment so Soil Engineering Construction worked in conjunction with the engineers from the project management company to devise a series of solutions that could be implemented without stressing the dam structure.

    • Grouting of subsurface voids
    • Shotcrete
    • Revetment mattress
    • Hazardous waste containment

    Design Engineer:

    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    Josh Marino - Superintendent