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    Project: Coastal Stabilization and Roadway Repair

    Client: City of Santa Cruz | Public Works Dept.

    Project Description:

    Ocean storm induced erosion has cut back the bluff along the Santa Cruz coast to and beyond the roadways overlooking the ocean. In the area near downtown Santa Cruz East Cliff Drive, once a major artery, has been broken into limited access segments. In an effort to ensure good access for fire protection, the City of Santa Cruz advertised a Design/Construct request for proposal (RFQ) to stabilize a critical segment of the roadway.

    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc. in response to the RFQ, developed and presented a repair plan incorporating a tieback/pier supported, shotcrete faced bluff front retaining wall. The wall face was textured mottled and contoured to conform to the adjacent natural surfaces. The City found Soil Engineering Construction's proposal cost effective and technically superior to other available options.

    The resulting wall, completed on time and within budget, is esthetically pleasing and structurally adequate (to say the least). The Town, the public and the adjacent property owners found the walls construction, in the environmentally sensitive coastal zone, to have been completed to their complete satisfaction.

    • Coastal Bluff Stabilization (100')
    • Seawall Coverage 1,200 Sq. Ft.
    • Drilled and Grouted Double Corrosion Protected Tiebacks
    • Hand Sculpted/Color Treated Shotcrete Finish

    Design Engineer:
    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    George Drew, R.C.E.

    Geotechnical Consultant:
    Pacific Geotechnical
    Elizabeth Mitchell, G.E.

    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    Dan Myers, Superintendent