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    Project: Coastal Bluff Reconstruction | Coastal Bluff Seawall | Mid-Bluff Retention Wall

    Client: Encinitas, CA. Homeowner

    Project Description:

    In 2009 an existing, wooden mid-bluff retention at the subject property failed, resulting in significant down-slope damage to an existing seawall. The damaged walls had not been constructed to current engineering standards, and the lower seawall had intruded onto a State Park beach. In response to the failure, S.E.C. designed and constructed both a new seawall and a new mid-bluff retention wall. The walls were completed after obtaining a Coastal Emergency Permit from the California Coastal Commission.

    The seawall, 50' +/- in length and 21' in height, contained two rows of tiebacks and received a hand-sculpted, color-treated structural shotcrete finish designed to mimic the characteristics of the adjoining natural bluff. The mid-bluff wall, 50 foot in length and 22' in height, contained four rows of tiebacks and received a similar hand-sculpted, color-treated shotcrete finish. The project also included re-grading the failed mid-bluff utilizing bench cuts, imported soil and compaction, with an initial hydro seed application of native, drought resistant and salt-tolerant coastal plant seed species.

    The seawall was sited above the mean high tide line on the applicant's property, thereby removing otherwise certain opposition from the California Department of Parks and Recreation. Further, because the new wall was not located on the public beach, the City of Encinitas retains jurisdiction for the final permitting of the project.

    • Coastal Bluff Walls for Stabilization / Retention (50'+/- Lower Bluff / 50'+/- Mid-Bluff)
    • Coverage of Retention Walls: Approx. 2700 sq. ft.
    • 36 Multi-Strand Anchors for Upper and Lower Bluff Retention Systems
    • Hand-Sculpted, Color-Treated Shotcrete Finish 
    • Re-Grading, Compaction and Hydro Seeding of Failed Coastal Mid-Bluff

    Design Engineer and Contractor:
    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    Robert D. Mahoney, G.E., C.E.G.
    John Niven, P.E.
    Jose Guerrero, Superintendent

    Geosoils, Inc.

    Government Permit Agent:
    The Trettin Company
    Bob Trettin, Principal