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    Project: Construct tied back bluff stabilization structure

    Client: Capitola Homeowner

    Project Description:

    The coastal bluff behind this ocean side property had failed progressively back to the point that the next failure was likely to damage the home if not dump it on the beach 60' below the building pad. The structural design, developed by Soil Engineering Construction Inc., involved the placement of a reinforced shotcrete face anchored with deeply founded, double corrosion protected, tiebacks. The result, an esthetically pleasing face that is difficult to distinguish from the adjacent hillside.

    Project Status:

    Drilled, placed, tested and anchored approximately 50 high capacity, double corrosion-protected tiebacks. Set reinforcing steel and placed shotcrete for approximately 4000 square feet of colored and mottled structural facing contoured to match the adjacent bluff face.

    • Install 100+ Lf. Of Tie-Back Restrained Bluff Armor
    • Drill, Grout and Test 40+ Deeply Founded Corrosion Protected Anchors
    • Place Colored & Textured Shotcrete Face to Match Adjacent Natural Surfaces

    Design Engineer:
    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    George Drew, R.C.E.

    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    Tom Pipitone, Superintendent

    Geotechnical Consultant:
    Haro, Kasunich & Associates