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    Project: Coastal Bluff Seawall and Sea Cave Infill | Mid-Bluff Reconstruction

    Client: Solana Beach Homeowners

    Project Description:

    A significant failure across portions of the subject properties required construction of a 170' long, 35' high lower coastal bluff seawall. Specific challenges associated with the project included infilling a massive, deep sea cave using requiring 600 cubic yards of concrete and shoring unstable portions of the coastal bluff that were in an ongoing failure mode. The project included the installation of 45-drilled tiebacks to a depth of 70-feet, the application of hand-sculpted, color-treated structural shotcrete, and the reconstruction of the failed portion of the mid-bluff bluff with imported fill and geogrid. Due to the nature of the emergency, winter storms and significant tides, the project crews adhered to a meticulous construction schedule. As a result, the project was finished in advance of the projected completion date and an imminently projected failure of the mid-coastal bluff was averted.

    Engineers at the City of Solana Beach and California Coastal Commission concurred with SEC's determination that the failure site constituted an emergency. The Solana Beach City Council acted to waive environmental review under the California Environmental Quality Act in granting an emergency permit. The project also received a Coastal Emergency Permit for significant portions of the required work. A subsequent regular Coastal Development Permit was secured from the Coastal Commission. The site location also required that a lease be negotiated with the California State Lands Commission prior to completion of the project.

    • Coastal Bluff Stabilization (170')
    • Seawall Coverage: 6,000 Sq. Ft.
    • 45 Drilled Tiebacks / Multi-Strand Anchors
    • Epoxy-Coated Steel Reinforcement
    • Hand-Sculpted / Color-Treated Shotcrete Finish
    • GeoGrid Slope Reconstruction w/ +/- 30 soil nails (25' to 35' deep)
    • Undercut / Seacave Infill: +/- 600 Cu. Yds.

    Design/Geotechnical Engineer:   
    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc
    Robert D. Mahoney, G.E., C.E.G.
    John Niven, P.E.

    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    Jose Guerrero, Superintendent

    Geotechnical Consultant:
    Earth Support Systems

    Government Permit Agent:
    The Trettin Company
    Bob Trettin, Principal