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    Project: Construct cut slope stabilization system

    Client: Belmont Homeowner

    Project Description:

    The stabilization of the over steepened, unsupported hillside behind this San Mateo County home became critical when the upslope homeowners recognized the potential risk to their properties. The solution, developed, designed, permitted and implemented by Soil Engineering Construction, Inc. involved the construction of a massive gravity wall. The design had to meet demanding financial constraints, access limitations, tieback restrictions and City imposed wall height limitations. The solution involved construction of a soldier beam wall topped by a steeply sloping gravity wall constructed with an extremely stiff but pumpable cement treated fill. The result, an extremely stable gravity wall with a mottled and contoured face constructed to conform with and essentially match the adjacent hillside.

    Project Stats: Placed approximately 300 cubic yards of pumpable CTF (concrete treated fill).

    Key Project Elements:

    • Turnkey Design/ Permit/ Construct
    • Stabilize 25' high cut slope without use of TieBacks
    • Extremely Limited Site Access (Unavailable for Heavy Equipment)
    • Provide Aesthetically Pleasing Natural Wall Surface

    Project Principles:

    Design Engineer:
    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    George Drew, R.C.E.


    Soil Engineering Construction, Inc.
    Tom Pipitone, Superintendent

    Geotechnical Consultant:

    US Soils
    Charles Hartsog, G.E.