Soil Engineering construction

Summary of Qualifications

S.E.C.’s civil/structural design and construction services include:

Coastal Protection Systems

  • Seawalls constructed with reinforced concrete and anchored with keys, soil nails, and tiebacks
  • Bluff protection structures incorporating drilled piers and shotcrete facing, tieback anchored walls
  • Sea cave support systems incorporating concrete fillers and naturally finished armored walls
  • Rock/Rip-rap revetments

Underpinning Systems

  • Foundation Support (drilled and hand mined)
  • Mini-Piles (two to eight inch) drilled and driven
  • Integrated Pier Support/Retaining Wall System
  • Structural Steel Frames

Retaining Wall Systems

  • Steel, Concrete, and Wood Crib Walls
  • Reinforced Earth Walls, Soil Nailed Walls, and Mechanically Stabilized Fills
  • Gravity Reinforced Concrete Walls, Soldier Beam Walls with Reinforced Gunite and Tiebacks

Slope Retention Systems

  • Engineered Buttress Fills
  • Subdrains, Surface Drains, Well Points, Hydro-augers, and Integrated Site Dewatering Systems
  • Drilled Pier Shear Pins (stitch piers)
  • Integrated Designs Incorporating Walls, Tiebacks, Drainage, and Buttress Fills

Erosion Control and Drainage Systems

  • Gabion Walls and Mats
  • Lined and Unlined "V" Ditches and Swales
  • Hydromulching and Related Surface Erosion Control Techniques
  • Rip-rap Placement
  • Surface and Subsurface Drainage Systems

Grouting/Cement Compaction/Mud Jacking Systems

  • Structural Underpinning
  • Slab Jacking and Compaction Grouting
  • Compaction Grouting