Soil Engineering construction

Statement of Understanding

Design / Build Approach

Key personnel at Soil Engineering Construction, Inc. (S.E.C.), and our permitting partner, The Trettin Company, comprise a team assembled for each unique project that the firm undertakes. We provide a strong working knowledge and understanding of City and County Municipal Code requirements, State regulations and the California Coastal Act. We recognize that each project in California has its own specific policies, guidelines and regulations. Our goal is to provide critical geotechnical documentation and sound engineering designs that enhance our ability to secure all necessary project permits and construct a quality project in a cost effective and time sensitive manner.

S.E.C. has engineered and constructed more than 6000 lineal feet of lower coastal bluff seawalls in California, with an additional 1200+ lineal feet of seawalls currently in the planning /permitting phase. In addition, we have designed and constructed hundreds of projects involving upper bluff retention systems, underpinning of threatened structures and reconstruction of failed coastal bluffs and slopes. We believe that our experience in engineering and construction in the State is unparalleled. And, in all of the jurisdictions where S.E.C. has been involved in project development, we take great pride in having established strong and respectful working relationships with public agency planning and engineering staffs, policy-makers and our clients.