Soil Engineering construction

Shoring for new Mercedes Benz Dealership - Oakland, CA

January 28th, 2013

Project Description:

Soldier pile and wood lagging shoring up to 13 feet high was installed along 3 sides of the gently sloping property.  Permission was granted by the City of Oakland to install the shoring on two sides of the lot in the City right-of-way with the stipulation that Soil Engineering Construction will remove the shoring, to a depth of 4 feet, after the building walls are complete.

Project Stats:

  • Drilling 14" to 24" diameter pile holes to 20 feet deep.
  • Install varying sizes of steel shoring piles to 48# per linear foot.
  • Install pressure treated wood lagging to bottom of excavation.
  • Remove shoring as required after construction of permanent walls.
  • Coordinate with excavation contractor, general contractor, structural engineer, soils engineer, and inspectors on a busy, urban site.


Project Principals:

Design Engineer:

CSW/Stueber-Stroeh Engineering Group Inc.

Shoring Engineer:

Andersson Woodrow

General Contractor:

Chatfield Construction 

Shoring Contractor:

Soil Engineering Construction Inc. - Superintendent: Randy Libby 

SEC Shoring