Soil Engineering construction

Geotechnical Engineering Services

S.E.C.’s Engineering Services Include:

  • Geologic Hazard Analyses
  • Geotechnical Engineering Analyses (Slope Stability Evaluation and Stabilization, Earth Structure, Foundation, Retaining Wall, Shoring, and Pavement Design)
  • Coastal Engineering, Seawall Design, Coastal Bluff Retreat, and Wave Run-Up
  • Development Services, Permit Facilitation, and Coastal Bluff Stability and Mitigation
  • Geophysics & Instrumentation
  • Expert witness consultation and related services

S.E.C. has an extensive proven record in providing geologic, coastal and geotechnical engineering, and construction services for land development and private and public sector projects.  S.E.C. personnel have extensive experience in analyzing shoreline erosion, bluff erosion, and the design, permitting, and construction of shore protection devices cantilever, tied-back walls, and rock/rip-rap revetments.